Reconditioning of rolling bearings

Inspection and Reconditioning of Rolling Bearings

Reconditioning instead of new acquisition.

There are various causes for bearing failures and hot boxes. These can, however, be avoided through professional bearing overhauls and correct operation.

Often minor damage has a big impact – we look up close and check the raceway and each rolling element of the bearing out of principle. This way we can spot damage in the early stages and, as a rule, we can eradicate this. 

Whether cylindrical roller bearing, spherical roller bearing or tapered roller bearing units – with us, your roller bearings are in the best hands.

Please ask us about our services for other types of bearings!

Our services

  • Damage assessment
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Cleaning and re-greasing
  • Dimension checks and setting the axial clearance
  • Conversion to polyamide cages
  • Complete regeneration through raceway grinding

Bearing types and dimensions

  • Cylindrical roller bearings: bore sizes from 60 to 240mm including NJ/NJP 120x240x80/ 130x240x80
  • Spherical roller bearings: bore sizes from 80 to 240mm
  • Tapered roller bearings: Tarol/TBU including Tarol 90/100/120/130/140

Reconditioning of Wheel Set Bearing Boxes

Our concern: Greater safety in your rolling stock.

In addition to the axle box roller bearings, the wheelset bearing housing plays a key role as a connecting element between the rotating and non-rotating car components. For wheelset bearing housings, HFG offers all common operating checks and repair work on the basis of relevant maintenance regulations such as VPI 04 or other operator guidelines.
Upon request, the housings are delivered already fitted with bearings and lubricated. You can add the finished bearing units to your wheelsets just-in-sequence.

HFG has VPI certification for wheelset maintenance level “IL.”

Our services (for types Y25/UIC)

  • Reprocessing of roller bearings
  • Cleaning of housing, colouring
  • Measurement of all relevant internal and external dimensions
  • Execution of necessary welding work (including manganese)
  • Fitting with roller bearings and lubrication
  • Mounting of sealing materials

HFG certificates

Recondition and save on costs!

Together with the leading provider in Europe for the reconditioning of roller bearings for rail vehicles, in the areas of industrial production, conveyor technology and other applications of drive technology.

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