All our activities are geared towards ensuring and reinforcing the long term independence and performance of our family-run company. For us, the basis for long-term market success comes from the first-class quality of our products along with the consistent customer focus of our activities. Everything we do shows our respect and appreciation towards people and the environment.

We strive for a cooperative, long-term relationship with our business partners – a partnership based on fairness, trust and reliability. We look for the best solutions to your problems and we are only satisfied when our customers are satisfied, too. Supplying quality products without compromise has top priority with us, as the safety of sensitive processes depends on this, along with its consequences on people and the environment.

A company is only as good as its employees: We derive our strength from constructive and respectful cooperation with shareholders, the management and all our employees. Irrespective of their position in the company hierarchy, all our colleagues are people of equal value, whose commitment and abilities we challenge and encourage.

Our objective is to operate as sustainably as possible. We prefer maintenance and regeneration to the new acquisition of valuable raw materials. Achieving the maximum technical lifecycle for our products and our customers’ components is simply part of the way we see ourselves. In the process, we use our resources effectively with the optimal deployment of our workforce. We do not tolerate any waste of energy or material.